Night Time Crate Training

My Video on Night Time Crate Training
Night Time Crate really works
TIP: If you are flying your pup in from another the booking don't hire the crate, buy's not much more....if you buy the pp30 size (24") crate you wont have to up size as your pup grows. 
This is how I do it:
I use a cat size traveling crate or the next size up... 24" (if you buy a 24" you won't need to up grade later)....if you have a bigger puppy then buy the 30", it can be either a wire one or plastic. I have both as it gets pretty hot up here in Qld and I find the wire ones are great in the summer....I find that the plastic ones can be like living in a hot box, not much fun for the pup when it's hot.
I am single so I can have the crate on the bed with me next to my head.....I find that if the pup knows I am there he/she tends to settle and isn't scared. Can you imagine how scary it must be for minute they are with the litter and people they have only ever known and the next they are in a car, in a plane, new people, new animals, new noises, new everything and then they are expected to fall asleep all by themselves in another room....they are babies. So I believe that if you keep them close and you can stick your fingers in the holes of the cage and give them a little reassurance, they will settle quickly and feel secure....helps to form a nice bond with them too. If you are not single and there is no room in the bed for a crate, then kick hubby out 😋😉 JUST KIDDING!! You can put the crate on the floor next to your bed so you can reach down to reassure him/her or pull up a sofa chair close to where you can reach and put the crate on that. As your pups gets older and knows that the crate is his/her bed and doesn't need reassurance anymore, you can slowly move the crate out of the bed room if that's what you it's not a life sentence 😀 It really is to help you both get through the first few weeks with both of you still getting some sleep.
AN IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure you NEVER use your voice if they wake up crying....just use your fingers to give a rub....your voice will wake him/her up and then it's all over. Be strong!
Another benefit to crate training is toilet training.....dogs hate to wee and poop where they sleep so they learn to hold it in through the night. For new pups, holding on all night isn't easy, so they are bound to have accidents but it wont take too long before they have wee free nights. I have had some that have never wee'd in their crates from day one and others who took up to 2 weeks. One of my girls is over 12 months old and still wee’s in her crate from time to time. Dogs should NEVER get into trouble for messing in their crates, it will confuse them, as the wee may have happened hours ago and if I was to huff and puff the whole time I was cleaning it out, then the dog would associate his/her crate with bad vibes.
You will need to up size your crate at around 7 months old if you decide that your dog will always be in a crate at night. All of my boys will be night time crated for the rest of their lives....they are happy when it's bed time, they just snuggly down and go to sleep.
NEVER USE THEIR CRATE FOR PUNISHMENT .... it must always be a happy place for them to go. Have a different place for time out.
Where I get my 24 inch crates...about $45 free postage....very fast delivery:
24' Crate is a good size for a can cover in the colder months. They are about $45 on ebay
Not good in the living in a hot box, very uncomfortable for the pup
Canvas Crates are useless, pups chew through them
I use memory foam bath mats in the bottom of most of my crates...some pups will chew and destroy these.
In the winter I use a much thicker mat
I also use Doona covers that I buy from Op Shops ...they are cheap and fold nicely to fit the crate. Great in the summer.
Every puppy that leaves here to join a new family is crate trained before they leave....I like the new owner to continue this. At the moment I am crate training 5 puppies on my bed