Educate Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes people make when bringing a new puppy home is they don't research what a puppy needs, how to train and how a dog thinks. In my experience I have found that a lot of people think the pup will train itself and are quite shocked when the pup pee's and poops everywhere. Dogs don't think like us and need uncomplicated instructions, consistant training otherwise they don't understand what we want from them....they love to please us but we seem to confuse them and they are the ones that get into trouble when they do the wrong thing. Set your dog up for success by educating yourself before the pup comes home 

I will be adding more and more pages to this educational part of my website with links to help you succeed in your little puppy it's a work in progress. If you join my Facebook Pomeranian group and go to the files you will find everything you need to set you is the link