On the 15th Feb 2018 my very special girl passed away....we are heartbroken.
This little girl and I had a very special relationship, she was a quirky little thing that had some very funny sweet things that she would do. I just loved those things about her and it breaks my heart that I will never see those things again. Every morning between 4am and 5am she would wake me up because she wanted to get up on the bed with me, it never annoyed me, it was just something we did. She couldn't get up on the couch by herself so she would sit and whinge till I picked her up...this happened many, many times a was just something we did. I think the funniest thing she did was when we were all outside...all of my dogs are obedient and when I say "INSIDE" they all run in except for Sparrow, she would wait till I clapped my hands, then hold them out to her and called her name...she would do a little skip and a jump and come running...I would carry her in....just something we did every day... I really miss that. 

She was so tiny and had a soft, sweet quiet nature, such a pretty little thing too.

I am so grateful to her, she gave me so much in the time she was here...She gave me one litter of 3 little boys.... I kept one, Talon....a wonderful gift....she gave me love and she made me laugh a lot.

She had only just turned 4 when she passed away, so young and way too soon.

Fly high my little earned your wings.

She always came out of the water looking like this....she was so funny

Lavender & Tan