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Chicken Coop Idea's


I converted our old TV Cabinet into a coop for Bubble Gum & Freckles 🙂 they will eventually go in with the other girls

This is the Silkies Shanty....I made it from recyled materials 😀 at the moment only Lolly Pop & Jelly Bean are in there as Bubble Gum & Freckles are older and I don't want them picking on the younger ones. They will all be in there together later.

The Little Crooked Chook Shed....My Blue Orpington Rooster sleeps in this one 😀

Our Rustic Chook Shed

I am 56years old and my sister is 47....we have never built anything in our lives before....so I think us old girls did ok 😋🤪It is built like a brick shit house and I doubt that a cyclone could bring it down....we are feeling pretty good about this project and we really hope the chookies love it 😀


Can't wait till it's finished

Door frame is in
Roof going on
Blessed by a Butterfly
Started cladding the outside
Cladding around the bottom has started

The Coop

This is just the frame, we still have the doors, walls and roof to go on, so watch this space

The back wall is up
We used Star Pickets to hold the walls up
Taking shape

Had the best few days, we rang around a lot of our local businesses and asked if they had free pallets available....we managed to get 5 trailer loads for free   We have started making our chicken coop and run....we did pretty well for two old birds