Our Home

All of our Pomeranian's live in the house with us....we don't kennel our fluffy friends at all.....we live in this lovely old Queenslander on the Sunshine Coast Qld. As you can see from the slideshows below there is a lot of room to run and play. We have a seperate running area for the little ones and the front porch is all fenced in as a play area for the babies to get some fresh air and sunshine. We live and breathe for our dogs, they are our passion in life.

We have water views on two sides of our property

Daisy and Phoebe
We have fenced off nearly one acre just for the dogs so they can run free
From the Garden
Sunset on the farm
Daisy and Phoebe
Fetching the ball is their fave game
More Land

 ❤❤ Love Cows ❤❤

The Kookaburra's are very vocal....we have so many
Our Dam is full of Turtles
Ribbit! Ribbit!
We have a lot of Frogs
King Parrot
Love the Lories
We do have to watch for Eagles....they would make a meal out of the Poms if given the chance
I do love them though....Eagle souring & circling