Some of my Puppies

This is Pebble, my tiny little Chocolate and Tan girl, in this photo she is 3 weeks old 

New Kid on the Block

I am very happy to announce that at Meadowley we have had our very first Lavender puppy.

Born on the 27th Sept 2016.

She is not for sale



This is one of my litters...all boys and all Black and Tan. At this stage all three will be staying here with me. They were born on the 19th Sept 2015 and I have given them all silly nick names....Broad Bean, Mouse and Piglet. They are just to cute to not show off so I hope you enjoy the photo's.

Bean....3 weeks old

Sparrow loves her pups

This is Mouse....his tanning is still coming in
Mouse is the smallest of the litter