Puppy Scams

Are you being scammed?

More and more I am hearing about people being scammed, they are falling for the cute photo and advertizement that scammers are putting on the internet...I was nearly scammed twice myself years ago. Most scammers are living over seas but sadly there are a lot of them in Australia to. One of the things that give it away as a scam is they don't speak English very well, you will see this in their emails and texts....now don't get me wrong there are a lot of wonderful people in Oz where English is their second language...My sons girlfriend is Japanese she is still learning English and I think she is beautiful.....I'm saying when you put it together with other things...it is part of it.
First of all a Pomeranian puppy in Australia will cost you upwards of $1500 anything under that stay away....you want to buy from a registered breed only so you get quality...unregistered breeders are scammers to...please read Miss Daisy's page.

A few other things to look out for: The scammer may say they are sick and can no longer care for the pup so are willing to sell for the cost of the flight, or they are moving and only want a small payment for the pup....any time it looks like you are getting a pom for next to nothing is a clear sign that something is very wrong. There are only 2 transport companies in Australia that fly animals and they are Dogtainers and Jetpet...if you are asked to pay money to another company then it is a scam to get your money.

If you are given a low price that includes fight or shipping (even the word shipping is a give away that it is a scam as no breeder in Australia would use that word) then it's a scam.

There is a scam at the moment that is selling white pups for a very low price and transport is included...in this country a white will start at $3500 and go up to $5000...it a rare colour so will cost a lot.

The 3 pups pictured below are not quality...they are just a few of the photo's a scammer will use....the first one looks like a pom X

Ask lots of questions
1. How much is the pup?

Some times a scammer will give a different price to what was on the add or they may even say the pup is free and they just want the money to ship the pup. The chances of you getting a pup for free are zero.
Ask lots of questions
2. Can I see photo's of the parents?

Most scammers will take images from the internet and use them as the parents....so ask for more so you can see the same dogs in different photo's and back grounds
Ask lots of questions
3.Where are you in Australia?

The add will say that they are in NSW but that location may change in the course of you emailing back and forwards. Scammers seem to forget which add you have responded to as they usually have many adds up at the one time

Questions To Ask

Ask lots of questions
4. How will I pay you?

Most will say Western Union....NEVER pay into Western Union....this is a scam
Ask lots of questions
5. I would like to send a friend to your place to look at the pup can you give me your address or can we meet you somewhere?

Now you may not know someone in their area....it's a bluff to catch them out....if this is a scam they will come up with an excuse as to why you can not meet
Ask lots of questions
6. Can I please see photo's of the litter....can I see more photo's?
Any decent breeder will be more than happy to send you lots of photo's
Ask lots of questions
7. Can I have your phone number?

Usually they will not give you a number because they can't...they live over sea's. Those in Australia might give a mobile number.
Ask lots of questions
8. Are you a registered Breeder...if so what is your Prefix (Registered name)...use the word Prefix as it will confuse a scammer.

A registered breeder will be happy to give this...you can contact Dogs NSW, Dogs QLD.... depending what state they are in to find out if they are registered. If they say they are not registered then RUN!!!!
Please read Miss Daisy's Page.... http://www.meadowleypomeranians.com/308853851
Ask lots of questions
9. Ask what company they will fly to puppy with.

There are only 2 transport companies that will fly animals within Australia and they are Dogtainers and Jetpets. So if they suggest another company you know it's a scam.
10. If they say that the puppy is free and you only have to pay for the transport.

This is a scam...NO ONE gives a puppy away.

You will soon get a gut feeling about the whole thing....go with that feeling OK 🙂

A good reliable registered breeder will go out of their way to answer your questions, send photo's...I like to send video as well. Most of us want the very best homes for our pups so we take the time to get to know the buyer and inform them. Please join us here on facebook....we can help to steer you in the right direction 🙂


Non registered breeders or backyard breeders are scammers to...your chances of getting a cute fluffy pom from them is very low as they put no thought into their breeding and end up trying to sell big lanky, longed poms with no coat like my Daisy on the right...yes I got scammed with Daisy