Price of pups will be given on contact

To secure the pup a deposit of $500 must be made within 3 working days of being offered the pup....a pup will only be offered after it has passed its 6 weeks vet check. Pup will not be held if deposit is not paid in this time. This deposit is refundable if you change your mind 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: Pomeranians are very hard to breed....they are called "The Heartbreak Breed" for a very good reason. They often need to be Artifically Inseminated to put the pups in and need a C Sections to get those pups bills go through the roof. The litters are very small, 2 pups maybe 3 if you are lucky.
Recently I had 4 litters in a 3 week period, I had 12 puppies in total....4 of the 12 died. Of the 8 puppies that were left I kept 4 as I breed for myself first. My vet bills for these 4 litters were well over $4000.
I run a Kennel of 18 adult dogs, I feed them top food....the Black Hawk 15kg bag of Biscuits cost $130 and I need one every 2 weeks plus they are also on raw meat....add that up for a year. My Aircon is run all year round....average power bill is $1500 in summer and $1000 in the winter so over $4000 a year as we get 4 bills a year. We get our water tank filled every 2 to 3 months at $230 a dog washing (baths and bedding) chews through the water. Imagine the yearly vet bills for 18 dogs. My puppies are fed the very best food. There are the grooming products for 18 dogs, flea and tick treatment for 18 dogs monthly, 18 dogs get a Milbemax pill once a month to make sure we cover heartworm as well as the others....on line I can get each pill for about $3 a pill x that by 18 every month.
I say all this to show that it costs me a fortune to make pups and keep their parents happy and healthy. So my prices are firm...please don't try and negotiate.


Full payment must be deposited 4 working days before the pup leaves our home to ensure that the money clears in time. If the money has not cleared the pup will not leave.


You have to understand that we are often given the run around when it comes to the deposit and payment so make sure that you are able to agree and commit to our terms before inquiring about one of our pups.


Cash on the day of pick up is not excepted as we need to have a record of payment, so it must go through the bank.

NOTE: If I feel at any stage that I have made the wrong decision I reserve the right to pull out of the sale, even if you have will be refunded


Boys can be desexed at 8 weeks and females at 12 weeks old.

The reason I do it this way is because there are way too many people buying pups to use for breeding, they are not registered breeders and they are just adding to the problem that we have with badly bred poms ending up in shelters and pounds. I don't want any of my pups to be used in this way. We need to stop Pomeranian puppies coming out looking like Daisy (please take a moment to read Daisy's page).