Our Nursery

Ember and her baby

All puppies at Meadowley are raised inside the house with the whole family, fleshies and furries. Our house is fully air conditioned for the hot months and has heating for the colder weather....so puppies are comfortable no matter what time of year they are born. Our pens are kept extremely clean, puppies have an abundance of toys to play with and are well socialized with other dogs before they leave for their forever home. The puppy play pen is fitted with a mesh guard so they are safe from the other dogs but can see through and interact....it is a large space so they have room to really run around. I also use childrens Port-a-Cots if I need to give a puppy time out. My recent litter produced 2 larger boys and one tiny girl, the boys started picking on her so I now have her in the Port-a-Cot so she can have a bit of peace.
There are two outside areas for the pups, one grassed and the other is one of our veranda's that is totally fenced in....there they can get fresh air and sunshine and experience the outdoors like dogs should. They are always supervised in these areas and I will often take one of the bigger gentler dogs out with us so they get use to other dogs.

They are also wormed every 2 weeks, they will have their first Vaccination at 6 weeks old and will be micro chipped and get a good check over by the vet.

All of our puppies get a lot of people time, they are handled from the very first day. My family and I spend a lot of time with them so that if a pup leaves here it will be very use to people and will trust their new family from the beginning.

Our puppy pen got an up grade with new playful guards to keep the puppies in. Up till now I was using a mesh (see below)
Meadow taking a rest from mummy duties....she has 2 week old puppies
This pen is for older puppies, the pen has a heated bed and bumper pads around most of the pen.
Pen size is 1200 x 1800
Younger litters (eye's still closed and not really mobile) spend their days in either a canvas crate like this one or a canvas pen. Mum is free to go in and out. Each pen has a heated pad/bed.
Canvas Pen
Mother and Pup
Baby Play Gyms are a lot of fun for puppies
The puppy play pen is fitted with a mesh guard so they are safe from the other dogs.
Pen are always clean
They have lot's of toys to play with...Poms love their toys right from the word go
Meadow in the Port-o-Cot
Sometimes puppies will need time out from the litter, the smaller pups can be bullied by the bigger ones....which was the case with Meadow.
This is one of the puppy outside areas....just down the stairs to the right is a fenced off grass area.
Looking at it from a different angle
Having a play on the deck

In the cooler months our puppies are kept extra warm in their dome beds....each dome has a thick heating pad so it is nice and toasty in there

Playing with their play gym

This is the very first time these puppies have had this in their pen
I am always looking to either make or find new things to entertain my puppies....this play gym is one of their favorites