Teacup Puppies

This is Roo, he is a 4 week old puppy....when he grows up he will be a small pomeranian
This is Wombat....Roo's Brother
This is Sapphire....she is their sister
Roo say's "there is no way I can fit in a normal teacup
Wombat agrees with Roo...the teacup is way to small

If you are looking for a pom that looks like this white one (below) please keep reading and scrolling

Photoshopped to scam people

All of the teacup puppies in the photo's & slide shows below look like this because some very clever person with photoshop made them look this way....real puppies don't look like this....THEY ARE ALL PHOTOSHOPPED!!

Read below how you can get a real teacup

Pom pups do NOT look like this

There are breeders out there that do sell teacup puppies...but their pups don't look like this....yes they use these photoshopped photo's so you think that you are getting something that cute. This is the truth: These breeders induce their bitches weeks early so the pups are born small, they are premature so their organs aren't developed properly....they are very sickly. You pay $3000 to $5000 for a pup and it will probably only live up to 2 years....the puppies are in pain thoughout their short lives. These breeders don't care about the puppies, they only care about the money they can make. This is abuse and anyone who buys one of these pups is just as guilty of that abuse. The only way to stop this breeding practice is for people to stop buying them.

Never use the word "Teacup" when approaching a registered Pomeranian breeder....you can ask for a pup on the small side....under 2kgs.