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Please don't take offence if you don't hear back from me, the only time I look at my messages is if I have pups for sale, which isn't very often 
I no longer fly puppies, it is pick up only from Gympie, Qld 
I never sell a puppy without an application, please go to my application page.
Do not contact me if you are looking for a puppy to breed will NOT get one as my pups are sold already desexed ....
Boys can be desexed at 8 weeks and females at 12 weeks old. Please read Miss Daisy's page if you want to know why I do this. If you are thinking of breeding unregistered with your pets please think again....there is a reason why you were sold a pet pup in the first place....anything that is breed/show worthy would have been sold to another registered breeder or kept. So please leave the breeding to the experts. If you want to become a registered breeder and do it the right way then learn all you can about the Pomeranian breed...join us on our Facebook group Pomeranians Australia (Official)

My email address is on the Application page.

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