Before you buy a Pup

If you are wanting to buy a puppy or looking for one at the moment and you work full time/you work a lot and your pup/dog is going to be alone for many hours a day, can I please encourage you to consider these things.



Dogs are NOT solitary animals, they are pack animals:


1. Dogs get lonely, very lonely when left alone

2. Dogs get bored, very bored when left alone

3. Dogs get destructive when left alone

4. Dogs bark and bark and bark when left alone

5. Dogs endup with behavioural issues when left separation anxiety and barking (it is very hard to stop these issues once they start).

Things that you could do to help your dog are:


  • Have someone pop in a few times a day to spend time with your dog
  • Drop your dog off at a friends or family members house a few days a week
  • Doggy Day them in for a few days a week
  • Have two dogs....then they are not alone and their day will not be a lonely day
  • They must have things to do in the day, toys, bones etc....different toys every day as they will get tired of the same ones.

The dog always seems to get the blame when issues arise and that just isn't fair. We are responsible for setting things up for them so they have a great life....we have to teach them, train them.
Someone said in my facebook group "Some of us don't have the time to train our dogs because we are working and really busy!" If you don't have the time to do the right thing by your dog then you really need to rethink whether it is the right time to get a dog.

 SO PLEASE FOR THE PUPPIES/DOGS SAKE THINK BEFORE YOU BUY....make sure you have it set up so your pooch will succeed and be happy and be a joy to you