Welcome to Meadowley Pomeranians

This is Teddy, he came from a litter I had in early 2019. He is just too beautiful not to show off. He now belongs to Mia & Rod Bellert.
two of Meadowley's beautiful boys....River and Forest
This little Black & Tan Puppy is from one of my 2019 litters....her name is Tilly Rose. This photo was taken by her new owners


Thank you for popping into the Meadowley website, I hope you enjoy what you see!
We are located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

My aim as a registered breeder is to breed sound, healthy dogs with great temperaments and I will try hard to meet the Australian standard.
I am very passionate about colour and have a kaleidoscope of colour behind my dogs which include Cream, White, Orange, Red, Chocolate, Lavender, Beaver, Blue, Orange Sable, Red Sable, Cream Sable, Wolf Sable, Blue Sable, Chocolate Sable, Black & Tan, Blue & Tan, Chocolate & Tan, Lavender & Tan, Black, Parti and Tri-colours.

All of my dogs and puppies are raised in a loving family environment, learning from the beginning about children, cats & other dogs! All are well socialized. I do not kennel my dogs they all live in the house with me and my family....everyone of my dogs is a family member and very muched loved. 

If you are looking for a pom puppy and want small and cute please take a moment to read Daisy's page....there are so many scams out there on the internet...Daisy was surpose to be small and cute but she turned out very different to what I expected.


This is another one of my Black & Tan puppies. This is Talon, he is all grown up now and is making babies of his own.